We provide extra value to your products by integrating cost-effective electronics into packages.
* Printed Components:

1 Touch Sensor
2 Battery
3 Display

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Printed Electronics for packages

What we're doing

Saralon is committed to produce electronics in a simple and cost-effective way. Therefore we have developed various innovative inks to produce different electronic devices by using conventional printing machines. By using our innovative inks, a package manufacturer can print various disposable electronics themselves and integrate them into different packages by using its existing production line.

Our current applications are:

  • Active Point-of-Sale items (e.g. displays, wallpapers)
  • Light Emitting Package
  • Electronically Secure Package

It is very easy to make things expensive and complicated but we at Saralon make things simple and cost-effective. Our technologies are developed to fulfill the requirements of the cost-sensitive packaging industry.

How we do it


Innovative inks are produced by SARALON for creating desired electronic features.


These inks are printed one-over-another to produce different electronic devices by using a conventional printing machine in ambient conditions.


The printed electronic device is integrated into a package by using conventional technologies.


The end user can interact with the electronics integrated into the package. Electronics on a package make the package more attractive, highly secure and customer interactive.


Saralon is a spin-off from the Institute of Print and Media Technology at the University of Technology Chemnitz (pmTUC). With its long-term expertise, especially in solar cell, transistor, sensor, battery, loudspeaker and displays, the institute is a worldwide leading research institute in the field of Printed Electronics.

Our team is led by Dr. Moazzam Ali who has been connected with pmTUC for many years and is an expert in the field of Printed Electronics.

SARALON is supported by:


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WECONOMY 2015 - Winner

Approach for simple and cost-effective printed electronic applications got awarded from high ranked jury

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Industriepreis 2015 - Best of Electronics

Approach for Anti-Counterfeiting for packaging (ACPharmaPack) awarded

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Published article about our innovative and cost-effective approach at the Drupa Blog.

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