SaralLight© for interactive labelling

SaralLight© - InkTech by Saralon

Light Emitting Label

Sustainable electronics for interactive labels (e.g. product presentation and consumer engagement)


SaralNFC© LightPaper – Label

NFC-enabled smartphones trigger illuminating designs on paper and open specific links on their displays, e.g. online stores, surveys or social media profiles.

. multi-sensory communication
. measurable and sustainable campaigning
. connecting offline and online media
. ultra-thin, flexible, disposable technology
. NO batteries
. NO app required
. paper disposable

Sustainable electronics for interactive labels (promotional packaging, gift packaging, etc.)

more information at SaralNFC©

SaralLight© OLED Label

Light emitting label using OLED technology powered by a thin and flexible Printed Battery

Light emitting labels for consumer engagement and product differentiation #lightlabel #spiritspackaging #winepackage #retailmarketing


SaralLight© EL Label

Printed illuminated displays on paper or plastics powered wirelessly.

Light Emitting Label for product presentations and consumer engagement

SaralLight© EL Glass

Printed illuminated designs directly on glass. Powered by a tiny inverter and battery.

SaralLight© technologies for consumer engagement and product differentiation #SmartLabels #Leuchtetiketten #LightLabels #ProductDifferentiation #LichtEtiketten


Light Emitting Package


Print Media Applications